The village listserv ( has the goal of helping residents and fostering a close community.

The listserv conveys up-to-the-minute and temporary information. It is used to send notices to people on an e-mail list (kept private) that is maintained by our village clerk and village officials.  It is a great way for everyone to stay in touch.

For example, residents post information about lost pets, look for help with lawn mowing and snow shoveling, and express opinions about things in the village; organizations announce yard sales, freebies, and social functions; and for the clerk to remind us about important deadlines.

Basically rules are if your would post it on the post office bulletin board it should be ok for the listserv.  No personal attacks, no spam, no out of area business posts, no “me too” posts.  A “me too” post would be something where you just reply that you are going to an event or agree with someones post, it adds no value to the list and is more appropriate for the private email option.

If you would like to receive these notices, you can ask the clerk to put you on the mailing list (again, we assure you that it is kept private).

Contact the clerk at 844-8301 or

Or you can go to google groups and sign up there.


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