Freeville residents,
I wanted to touch base and give you an update about your Fire Department and the ongoing situation.  I will not inundate you with more virus information.  Instead I want you to know what we are doing going forward and how you can help us.
As a few may have heard, over a week ago it was suggested that area responding EMS agencies only respond to critical calls such as not breathing or cardiac arrest type calls and let the ambulance cover all other EMS calls for service.  I understand the reasoning behind this and the idea of less exposure to our emergency responders.   I want our residents to know I decided that we will not be following that recommendation and will continue to respond to our residents call for help.  We are in unprecedented times and we took an oath to protect life and property, therefore our service to the community will continue.    
However, we have made a few changes as to how we will be responding.  Here is how you, the residents can help us out to protect everyone involved when help is needed.
If you are having ANY symptoms of the flu or virus, Fever, Cough or shortness of breath, please let the 911 operator or your healthcare provider know over the phone immediately.
When we respond:
     1.  If you are able to, and the call does NOT involve chest pains or heart related symptoms, please come outside when we arrive to avoid responders entering if you have any of the flu or virus symptoms.  (Fever, cough, short of breath)  You will most likely be asked to put on a mask.  Please do not take offense as this is for your and our protection.
     2.  If you are unable to come to the door, let 911 know and the emergency responder will try to make contact through the door or open your door to make contact with you.  If you do not need immediate medical intervention and you are having signs of sickness or virus, the responder will pause and assist the ambulance crew if necessary upon their arrival.
     3.  If you need immediate medical intervention or your emergency is not sickness related, you still may be asked about any recent exposure but we will respond accordingly to your type of EMS emergency.
I am very proud of our members and their dedication to the department and their community.  We are all in this together and we will get through this.  
I will try to keep you all updated as things change and please follow all the guidance and instructions given by our National, State and local agencies as they are working together, very hard to combat this virus.  Again, this is unprecedented, many questions remain and unsure how long this may last.  We, as your Fire department, will continue to support you and answer the call for service.  Be kind and look out for each other.
Thank you,
Michael G. Parker
W B Strong Fire Co Inc.
Freeville, NY
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